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Top 8 Best Software for Increasing ProductivityTop 8 Best Software for Increasing Productivity

Do you ever feel like you’ve got more to do than the time to do it? Or maybe you do have the time, but you need some extra help getting motivated to stay productive. Whether you are working with a team or alone, there’s always that need to add some more free time to your day. With the right productivity software, it’s easy to feel like you have more than 24-hour days. Having said that, here are some top productivity tools that you might want to try.

 Google Keep 

 Whether you need to jot down a quick shopping list or note down assignments, this tool has you covered. The software is available as an app for your phone and a web-based version. As long as you have a Gmail account, you should have free access to the Keep platform. You can add reminders, jot down ideas, add images, save links and even collaborate with other users. The best part is that it also works offline to some degree.


 An average person has about an 8-second attention span. With so many distractions, getting things done can be a hurdle. FocusMe ( solves that problem. It helps you cater to what’s important first by blocking apps or pages that may distract you online. This way, you can enjoy your TikTok dances and Instagram reels after getting your work done!


 If you’ve ever had to do any real research online, you know that bookmarking isn’t a reliable solution. Evernote solves the problem of sorting out any content you find on the web. It helps you save pages, articles, clips, and audio to your account with ease. You can take notes and have everything you need in one place. This tool takes your basic research skills and turns them into a superpower.

 Social Pilot 

 If you’re an internet marketer, this is the perfect tool for you. Nothing is harder than staying committed to posting on social media often. Yet, the algorithms favor those that do. The social pilot tool allows you to automate posting to social media activities. Create the content when you feel inspired, and spread out when and where you want them posted. 


 If you are a digital entrepreneur, you know how important social proof can be. This means reviews and testimonials from products or services you sell online. Shipright collects customer feedback from social platforms and even on your site. It then categorizes and analyzes the feedback to help you improve your product.

 Google Drive

 Whether a student, a teacher, or an employee, Google Drive provides you with what you need to store your files. It does more than help with storage; it also allows you to share files with anyone you want. You can give different levels of access to the shared files, such as viewing and editing. Google Drive is at the core of other productivity apps from Google. This means you can store everything from your online docs to sheets and slides in one place. The best part is that you get 15 GB of free storage. 

 Time Doctor 

 Running a business can be hard when you have deadlines to meet. It’s even more difficult if you have to follow up with your employees to carry out certain tasks. This software helps employers track the productivity of their employees. If you own a company, the last thing you want is your employees slacking on the job. Luckily, there’s a solution to that. Time Doctor allows you to know how long it takes your employees to handle different projects. The tool syncs up with different project management software to improve its efficiency. 


 Loom helps you share your screen to explain how something works. But, it’s more than just a screen recorder. You can collaborate with teams, have calls to action on your video. This tool is perfect for teachers and students. It’s also a great place to host your videos too. You can also password-protect the videos to ensure only the right people can view them. 

 Wrapping Up: Planning and Execution Matter

 Productivity tools are a great way to stay organized. They also do a perfect job at getting you more time to relax while maximizing what needs to get done on time.

 With the right tools, you should be able to organize your time and your work. But, remember some of these tools only remind you of what you already know needs to get done. If procrastination is your issue, work on less planning and more execution.